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Self-defense courses in Flushing

Protect yourself

We don’t like to admit it but there are some streets in Flushing that we would rather not walk down alone at night. Usually, the thing to do is just avoid these places, but sometimes trouble comes to you. When it does, it is best to be prepared. Eagles Tae Kwon Do Training Center is here to give the people of Flushing the tools they need to protect themselves when they need to.

Meet new people

Self-defense is a serious subject but this is not the army, it is a classroom and we try to have fun while learning. Even the strongest building can’t stand on a weak foundation. That is why we support each other in class; to create a solid foundation for our students. Come and meet likeminded individuals, engage with other members of your community, and have some fun. If you have any questions about the self-defense classes we provided the people of Flushing then please feel free to contact us.